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Don Bradman

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Don Bradman

Born in Cootamundra, NSW, Don Bradman is widely acknowledged as cricket’s greatest batsman. His Test Match batting average of 99.94 has been viewed as one of the greatest achievements in all sports.


52 Shepherd Street

Don Bradman lived at this house between the ages of three to fifteen, and it was here that he developed his phenomenal batting skills by throwing a golf ball against the base of a tank stand.



"If home is where the heart is, then 52 Shepherd Street, Bowral, is certainly the heart of the Bradman story. So much social, local and Bradman family history is contained and explained within its walls."

Bernadette Mahony

Author and Historian

"It blew me away … you really get a sense of how people lived back then. Took me back to my grandparents home and days"

Simon Katich

Former Australian Opening Test batsman and Captain of NSW Cricket team

"52 Shepherd Street interprets cricket’s most celebrated individual in terms of locality and domesticity. Visitors may be drawn in by Bradman, but should depart with a sense of the Bradmans"

Gideon Haigh

Author and Journalist

"A visit to 52 Shepherd Street is all about Australian social history and the early days of a sporting phenomenon named Bradman."

Jim Maxwell AM

Broadcaster and Journalist

"What a privilege to visit this very special place with my nephew Mark Greig. It could only have been bettered if our fathers had been with us - great admirers of ’The Great Man’"

Ian Greig

Former England and Sussex cricketer and brother of Tony Greig

“Best day ever!”

Noah Knight

Age 7, Kellyville

“I loved being at the Bradman House. It was so fun.”

Oscar Murton

Age 7, Bowral

Don Bradman’s Childhood Home

52 Shepherd Street
Bowral NSW 2576


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